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Who I am

I'm a Sales Engineer by profession, at times a Software Developer, Photographer, Videographer, Content Creator, Music Producer, Wedding DJ, Fun Uncle, Writer, Seeker, and of course, an Adventurer, who recently got Married At First Sight


What I do

Here are a few things you can find me doing with my time and energy



Photography / Videography

For as long as I can remember, I've enjoyed taking photographs and making videos. I've mainly kept it a hobby, while occasionally utilizing it as a business. I currently shoot with a Canon EOS R6. I have a few other cameras used primarily for capturing video, such as the Sony RX100v7 and the DJI Mavic Air 2. I also enjoy the nostalgic feel of taking 'polaroids' using different Fujifilm cameras.

Pictures Coming Soon...


Coding and Software Development

I've worked on numerous coding and software development projects, both at work and independently. I've learned and utilized multiple different languages over the years. The languages I've spent the most time working with are Objective-C, Swift, JavaScript, Python, and Solidity. I've built and worked on webapps, websites, iOS apps, games, and I've also worked on projects within the blockchain.

I've taken my apps down from the app store because I've moved on to other projects and can no longer support them.


Nulite Behavior Tracker is an iOS App that I built and launched independently and from scratch. It's an application designed to make behavioral data tracking easier for parents, teachers, and caretakers of people and students with special needs.


Jib is a graphic design social network and messenger app in one. Users could create and edit images and graphics, adjusting text with colors and fonts, while also sending messages with unique styles and inline graphics.



Basketball has been a major part of my upbringing. From Moy family cookouts, competing with my brothers, cousins, uncles, friends, and everyone inbetween, we've played a lot of basketball as a family. We still play on occasion, and are just as competitive.



Body movement is such a fundamental aspect of living a healthy life. Our bodies are designed for movement, and in order to feel good, and continue growing, exercise is an essential part of my life. I enjoy lifting weights, playing sports, going for walks, hikes, and a number of outdoor activities.



This world has an endless abundance of possibilities, from places we can go, to people we can meet, and memories we can create. Traveling on any level is a vehicle for new experience, and for opportunies to continue to learn and grow. I enjoy exploring internationally, as well as within the States. The US has so much to explore, and is much more accessible. The South West is my favorite part of this Country.


Hot Tubs

I really enjoy spending time in a hot tub after a long day of travel, a workout, or just to relax. That is all. Let me know if you have any recommendations!