</Steve Moy>
iOS Software Developer

iPhone Applications for the Future, Built Today.
Hand Coded in Swift and Objective-C in Boston, Mass



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User Interface

Building Applications with intuitive UX/UI

Using modern design techniques and focusing on simplification, I strive to create rich applications that feel natural, work flawlessly and perform exceptionally.

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Data Persistence

Storing and Serving data in the Cloud.

Years of experience designing complex data models stored in databases in the cloud. Accessible across multiple devices, and utilized by thousands.

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Defending at Scale

Security is always a major consideration while building applications that people use in the real world. Organizations rely on their data being secure, especially when it comes to handling user or client personal information.

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Data Analysis

Designing Tools to Visualize and Analyze Data

Storing data is one thing. How we analyze and interpret the data is just as important. I build tools to simplify the process of manipulating and visualizing data, allowing users to make more informed and effective decisions.

iOS Apps

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Behavior Data Tracker for Special Ed

Collect, store, and analyze student behavior data across multiple devices


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Local Social Network

Local bulletin posting social network to connect people and communitie near and far




Graphic Design Social
Network and Messenger

Create and edit photos with an assortment of fonts, colors, and design features